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Hello all! I just replaced the seals on a Canon QL17.
This is the smaller model with the 40mm f1.7, but with the plain QL17 nameplate before they updated to GIII.

I also cleaned the rangefinder, and wow what a difference that makes! It's like 2x as bright as any other viewfinder ive seen.

OK, so here is my question.. I was planning to just use a silver-oxide 1.5v battery but I was reading about the MR-9 adapter.
It reduces the voltage from 1.5v to 1.35. But does it actually have a voltage regulator circut to keep the voltage steady or does it just have a resistor that flatly reduces the voltage?
If I were you I would try the 1.5v battery and see if it's accurate enough. If not I would use the camera without battery as the QL17 can be used without battery.