After extensive research into materials and parts availability, and particularly after my recent experience with shipping some minor items abroad (UK, USA, etc.), I have decided that the contemplated JOBO processor service/refurbishing is, after all, not economically viable.
Given that you can purchase a second-hand processor for about $400-$500 (sometimes less), spending $500 for refurbishing, and again about $150-$300 for postage doesn't really make sense.
Besides, you can never be 100% certain that the stuff won't be broken/damaged in shipping. Also, the insured/courier shipping, which is (supposedly) more reliable, would cost an arm and a leg.

Simply not realistic. It might work locally (even within the EU), though shipping would still be a killer, but overseas is simply not economically viable

Therefore, I have given up this project, and am moving to other projects... soon to be announced