An update guys... After using a few rolls (developer worked well, as it should after the problem was sorted), i prefer D76 / ID11 1+1 and 1+3, but if i want 'fine grain' as in more solvent, XTOL stock seems to be 'sharper' than the D76 and preferable in a situation where i would use stock. However I do prefer 1+1 for most things, so i am back to ID11/D76 for general purpose, but will always keep some XTOL on hand. If i want pin sharpness and nice texture to an image, rodinal is my developer of choice. FP4+ in rodinal is lovely (35mm), as is PAN 100, PAN 100 gives such an old, grainy, unsharp kind of look, but it really is nice! XTOL was just lacking the 'pop' for me, the negatives seemed a bit more flat, temperature was maintained as well, i maintain it for B/W at 20C as i do 38C for colour.

So XTOL... i have tried it but prefer D76/ID11 : - )

Thanks again for your help on this topic guys!