Hi Jakobb,

Not the answer to your original question but I just wanted to add a couple of hints about Masa anyway:

- If you be gentle to the paper during application of the emulsion, (using fine sable-hair wash brushes gently or a glass rod perhaps?) you won't get much napping (raised fibers) afterwards. In any case, Masa is a mixed fiber paper, therefore you'll always get some swirl patterns (differential reflection and/or some texture due different absorption characteristics of different fibers...) with it - but you have to look pretty closely / in a nitpicking manner to notice that. (Small 5x7" prints may exaggerate the effect of course...)
- IME, Masa gives the best visual dmax (compared to Weston and COT320) with many iron / iron-silver processes. Since it's a quite thin paper, you have to view it by placing a bright white background behind it. (I use Yupo for that purpose...) This, combined with the brightness of the paper itself, results with great depth and a very good visual dmax.


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I also just tried Awagami Masa. Blacks o.k. but good tonal details in mids and highlights. Color bright white with hint of blue/gray. Surface smooth but on the second sheet I tried some paper fibers came off during initial bath in the developer (looked like worms in the sky).