I'm not sure seafood is a good example because if the standards are not followed you end up in the hospital.

In art, I'm disputing the importance of these "standards". Of course people can explain why they like or don't like something (sometimes they can't, and that's ok too). But I don't think it matters whether or not positive emotional responses are based on standards. Often we see positive comments in the APUG gallery like "Strong composition", "Nice tonality", "the lines draw the viewer's eye...", "perfect balance", "excellent use of negative space" etc. If it were one of my photos I'd much rather someone said "I really like this". All that other academic crap leaves me cold.

I just think there are many, many valid reasons one might have for enjoying something they see, and in the end standards are irrelevant. And I say this as a someone who practices the straightest of straight photography and is obsessive about quality and detail.

We could get into actual examples to make this more interesting - particularly when it comes to communication in art, but I think much of what I have to say would be heresy....