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I found the best solution for these cameras that use the old PX625 mercury batteries is to make a quick trip to Costco and go the pharmacy and buy a card with 30 ea. 675 hearing aid batteries. These zinc-air batts are about 1.4v nominally and last a couple of months. ... Like I said, I have the original card from 4-5 years ago and still have a few left. I think the card has a 5-6 year 'use by' date on it.

If your camera is a current hog, take a couple of extras with you when you shoot.
Compared to these results, my little Canonet is downright current-ravenous! I can expect maybe 2-5 outings of life from one 675 zinc air cell. I'm guessing/hoping that there's some sort of fouling/shorting/issue with the circuitry that a good CLA will fix, and that I'll get plenty of life from a silver-oxide, once it's been converted.