I have a few hundred feet of a 12" roll this suff, long expired languishing in my freezer.

You can tune the contrast range by tweaking the filitration.
It is designed to be only moderately filtered if you are exposing a C-41 negative, is the masking in the neg does most of the heavy lifting. +/- 50R off of a base of 50R I seem to recall is how my stuff works now.

Yes, I get a magenta cast in al image elements, and even a slight one in the all white areas of the print all the time with this stuff. It can suit some images. That is why this stuff came with an expiry date.
I have not had any sucess gettign rid of this cast.

I use the paper mostly to catch up on contact printing back logged b&w fnegative filer pages when I otherwise have the ra-4 roller processor fired up to print colur work.