I checked with Vic at my source linked above and he still has some, albiet in 400' rolls, but now for $165 plus shipping. No, it's not the 100' rolls but I've not had any issues using a large film changing bag and carefully spooling out some onto an old leftover spool I had saved from an earlier used bulk roll and then loaded it all onto a Llyod's film loader.

I am particularly enamored by this film. Definitiely a bit more old school in it's look and a tad grainy (especially in Rodinal) but it has a contrast and a bite that I really like. I shoot it at 200-250:

SF Commute Bay Bridge
Leica MP
35f2 Biogon
Eastman XX (5222)
Rodinal 1-50

by rich8155 (Richard Sintchak), on Flickr