Redoing my previous ad...

Nikon stuff...

1) 50mm f/2 Nikkor-H non-AI. Decent lens. Clean glass, good diaphragm. Focus feels good, maybe a bit dry and tight. Looks nice. $50 shipped CONUS

2) 80-200mm f/4.5 Nikkor non-AI. Again, decent lens. Average amount of internal dust on elements. Zoom ring is a little loose, but not terribly so. Doesn't slide downward all the time, but will do it from time to time. Like the other lenses, decent glass, good diaphragm. Does have an AI coupling prong on it, but is still with the original aperture ring. Can still be AI'd using factory parts from Pacific Rim Camera or KOH's Camera. $50 shipped CONUS

3) Chrome Nikomat FT2. Has FTn style nameplate with older font and all-metal self-timer and advance levers. Meter works well, shutter sounds good. Missing advance lever cap (looks like it broke off at one time or another), otherwise looks good. Eyepiece glass is present. Good foam. $60 shipped CONUS

4) Black Nikkormat FT2. Has the usual brassing, dings, etc, to be expected with a 35 year old camera that has seen regular use. Meter is decent, but needle can be made to jump by wiggling shutter speed ring. Doesn't jump when aperture ring is moved, though. Needs a serious refoam job. Shutter speeds sound normal. $45 shipped CONUS

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