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It is painful to read of your quest for highlight detail in con-tone carbon printing. While many will come forward with advice the sad truth is that carbon prints have a well-documented problem with the loss of highlights (see the 11-17-11 APUG Post: Highlight Loss in Carbon Printing) This can easily be seen when printing a step wedge, but most carbon enthusiasts print "pictures" and are satisfied with the results of their efforts.

I will include your link here for convenience: http://www.apug.org/forums/viewpost.php?p=1259943
Having that important information in mind, in my case I can change the way I want my prints to look. I moved to carbon from palladium with the specific goal of getting better shadow details, which Pd was giving me a hard time with. The prints are in low key and I can tone down the highlights without having the picture sell its soul to the devil.