konakoa, good advice, I will stay away from 7000K enlarging lights, but I do like 8000K tube fluorescents for interior lighting my cave.

I just pulled out a book I should have read a long time ago. 'The Variable Contrast Printing Manual' by Steve Anchell, 1996. it was given to me, but at that time, I was too busy switching to digital to pay any attention. Now that I realize my folly, it makes a very good read. His introduction makes a good point,

'...the testing for this book was conducted largely in the old way, by using the materials with a variety of developers and toners and by visual inspection. When applicable, I judged the results visually, not electronically. I call this "the cookbook: method.' He also means enlargers.

Steve goes on to explore VC paper, enlarger light sources and filtration. LED's where not available then. He makes the point, that there is no such thing as a correct process or print. It is all subjective.

I plan to keep this book close, as I return to the wet side, along with his other great book, 'The Darkroom Cookbook.'

Your print times are much shorter than I imagined. Good news!