Here are all the answers:

- Yes , I was getting a magenta cast when printing contact sheet with white light from the enlarger.
- I dont get a perfect print when printing for 7sec @ F16 I get a heavy magenta cast.
- When I did the test strip at 2-4-6-8 sec , I did not get a magenta cast. all steps are free of magenta cast (weird)
- yes, everything was identical about the prints with cast vs. the strip test without cast. (filter pack had not changed)
- the piece that I used for the strip was cut from a sheet, when I used the second half of the same sheet I got a magenta cast (so the theory of the one good sheet, several bad sheets also does not hold)
- your summary is correct.
- Filter pack was 55M 45Y when I printed the test strip that came out with no color cast. so without changing filtration I printed the full print for 7 sec @ F16. I got the magenta cast... (weird)

- I did not leave the paper out, guaranteed.

- yes, the portra Black & White (this is a black and white chromogenic paper) does require filter correction but behaves different than the normal color RA-4 such as endura. I read in publication g4006 that filtration depends on what type of film you are trying to print from. (it has several starting points depending on the film). For my case I was printing from BW400CN which is also a chromogenic black and white C-41 film. So in other words, I was printing from C-41 chromogenic black and white film onto Portra RA-4 also chromogenic black and white. So I used both suggested starting points on the publication. always magenta cast.

I hope to have answered all the questions. I did further testing last night, I will post the findings later to see if they make sense to anyone.