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It doesn't fully drain so the stop and fix take much longer and more Heavily contaminate and dilute the chemistry, it light leaks in bright sunlight.

Plus I hate hand rolling it all, I want a bulk loader and can't afford one.

I hate dealing with SS reels I like plastic auto loading reels.

Call me lazy but I come from 4 generations of engineers and so poor design and lack of ease in use REALY bugs me, 70mm could have been WAY better than 120 but had a lot of design flaws.

I still like it, I like the sprockets... I'm addicted and annoyed that I am haha
Get a Jobo 2521 tank (or longer, like a 2551) and two reels. Light proof, non-leaky, easy-loading plastic spirals, though can do only 220-lengths. You can do the same thing with a Paterson tank.