hi msbarnes

what is your darkroom set up, do you have more than one enlarger ...
do you have a safelight filter for under your enlarger to help you align the images ?

i have a few ideas in mind that might help you, but i don't want to suggest something,
if it won't be any help ...

one thing i would suggest is putting one negative in your enlarger at a time and dodge out
and burn in just the arms of each negative but the last one
the last one burn in the body too,
you will probably have to cut out a mask / kind of like a stencil
to print through ...
you can print as many negatives as you want this way, even 6 or 7

if you can find a red safelight filter for under your enlarger, they are a huge help in doing this sort of printing
so you can align and set up with ease ...

have fun