hahha thanks for the compliment, haha. yeah, I felt that direct trades would be too restricting.

And for the trade, I'm open to things that are similar. I am basically moving away from 35mm/120 SLRs and more towards RF's. I'm more interested in things that are compact and/or wide. I'm happy with my M2/M3 and Leica 35mm-90mm's overall but would like to fill in my wide angles so I would perhaps consider a Bessa R4 and 25mm skopar and such. I would also like lenses/cameras that are compact so I would perhaps consider, say, a 35mm or 50mm skopar or a 40mm summicron, I just think what I listed is ideal. So there is much more that I would consider, like a super angulon instead of a skopar hahha but not if there is substantial doughh coming out of my pocket.