#1 Flash Bulb Batch. At least 6 dozen 5 & 5B, a dozen #22, and dozen #11, and some others.
$100 shipped (US) for the batch.

#2 Flash Batch
A couple of Heiland units
A couple of Graflex units
Several adapters and brackets.
All for $60 shipped.

#3 4x5 rinsing tank
Includes 12 Kodak 4A hangars
$30 + shipping

#4 4x5 stainless developing tank
Includes 4 Kodak 4A hangars
And it included that little pack of vintage Kodak chemicals
$30 + shipping

#5 Big plate holder. 8x20
One dark slide handle is gone though the slide is present. The other is good.
$100 shipped (US)

There will be more tomorrow.

PayPal and international OK. (I only use Priority for international.)