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Hmmm... I'm usually in agreement with you, Gerald. But I'm rather surprised to see someone with your knowledge and experience jump in on the "TMax films are boring" business. They are different, but boring? How, specifically is TMax boring? I also dispute the notion they are fussy to develop. They are a little more sensitive, but not much, and contrary to what has become the conventional wisdom regarding TMax, they are not prone to hot highlights or anything like that.

As for Tri-X, it is certainly an excellent film. But I'd wager many of the people who use it think they are using "Tri-X", not the latest version of a film that has undergone several changes since their heroes used it. There is also the difference between Tri-X 400 and 320 (which is not available in 35mm). So, what specifically makes Tri-X 400 the finest 400 speed film?
I find Tmax doesn't have a shine that I like, the highlights are diminished and the the fine grain is there but the details aren't defined, I've ONLY souped it in DD-X but the point of buying it is for the grain characteristics and the bland look just doesn't wow me. I'm going to try over exposing it and see if that changes. But I just wasn't impressed.


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