A trend as of late where all artistic styles are indicted, tried and forever left to rebuild....

The lith'r

The Traditionalist

The Paper Negative Tricker

I guess this thread is the grain'r-blur'r

Who's next? Someone going to take down the RVP-50-saturate'r, Polaroid'r, toy-camera'r, meniscus-lens'r, Minox'r, wet-plate'r, box-camera'r, shallow-DOF'r.....

These kinds of threads, in my humble opinion, do more to stifle creative thinking and sharing of art than promote it.

I see a pattern where abstraction is frowned upon.

To the Nanian's, Eddie's, and all those who find a way for your artistic voice outside of the norm, keep it up! For those who shoot the norm, keep it up!

As an artistic pacifist, we all win when we share. Why line item a style, technique so strong? Critique can be done so much better than some recent trends illustrate....