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I scan, I don't have any room for an enlarger and printing.

Resolution doesn't do anything for me when the image looks bland.

I would guess based on my limited experience, the first two are Tmax and the last one is something else (the large girl) of all of them the large girl image is the only one that's semi-interesting but even that doesn't "do it" for me (not commenting on photographic skill, just it's characteristics).
The sheep is cropped to square 35mm 'old' TMax (TMY, not TMY-2) and pushed to 1600, the portrait of Andrew is Tri-X 400 120, and the woman is TMax 400 TMY-2 in 120. All developed in replenished Xtol and printed on Ilford paper.

The whole 'TMax is flat' thing I could never understand. It is exactly what you make it.