The Olympus OM-4 Ti must come close, although I never owned one. One of my friends did, and I seriously envied him. The multi-spot and flash systems were ahead of their time, and some of the lenses are great.

The Nikon FM3A is perhaps another candidate. I don't own one. The FA and FM2n that I do own come close, though lacking full manual functioning combined with electronic shutter. That said, I haven't had a battery failure on them yet, and the FA is therefore very close to the perfect manual focus body for me personally, due to its excellent metering system.

In terms of AF bodies, the F100 has very little that I do not want, and most of what I do want. Although I do not own one, the F6 looks like a great camera too. It adds little functionality over the F100, though, at a huge hike in price.

The Leica M cameras I know next to nothing about, but they seem to evoke strong feelings in their owners. That must count for something.

I have also used Nikon FM, FE2, F3 and a string of AF cameras. They were mostly great products for their time. Still have the F3 and FE2, but seldom use them nowadays. My F3 eventually lost the AE lock button, and the flash shoe is doubtful. Still have to see an F3 that hasn't been worked to near or actual death, and I certainly did the same to mine.