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Hypersensitization doesn't increase speed. It decreases reciprocity failure.

It also works best with slow films, like Tech Pan. Hypered Tech Pan is one of the fastest films when it comes to 6 hour exposures. For TP and astro films (TP was originally 'solar flare patrol film' - hence the extended red sensitivity for imaging the hydrogen line, making it beloved of amateur astronomers) there is some modest across the board speed increase, but nothing to write home about - I ordered some hydrogen hypered TP once, maybe it was ASA 40 rather than 25 for normal use.

Hypersensitization won't do anything for you if you are trying to get more speed out of Tri-X.
Yes and no.

This is true of the gas hypering that amateur astronomers used pre-digital. H2O2 vapor is a different thing, and with different results. It's been literally 30 or more years and I sure don't remember the details but I came across a method for this back when I was in high school and tried it, getting a quite workable EI 6400 out of Tri-X.