Google-Earthing "100 Amor Avenue Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072", I see it's in an industrial building, not terribly near water, so flood damage to the shop might not be the problem.

Given that many, if not most camera repair shops I know of are one-older-person-with-a-helper type of operations, it's not implausible that the owner had a health problem. What's also possible is that the owner's home was destroyed during the hurricane, and that they're still living in a trailer or in a relative's living room. Other parts of the country may not know that rebuilding has been quite slow. The local media reported recently that only about a third of flood insurance claims have been paid, despite the passage of 3-4 months since the storm.

I'd cut the shop some slack, until an explanation materializes. Glad the OP got the package back. Send it to Flutot.