When I spot prints, I sit down, do a little bit of work then I get up and walk away. I might cap my bottles or put a few things away but, otherwise, leave everything right there on the table.

Get up. Go do something else for fifteen minutes or a half hour. Come back later and look at your work from standing distance. Not sitting down.

You'll see things that you didn't see before or, maybe, some things that you thought were problems turn out to be not as bad.

The problem is that, when you are sitting there, inches from your work, you get so focused on minute details that you can't see the whole picture... literally. As they say, "You can't see the forest for the trees." Walking away from your work for a short time allows your eyes to readjust to normal vision and your mind to relax so that you can see the photo more like others would see it.

Aside from that, you still need to give the areas where you applied spotting dye some time to dry before you can truly evaluate whether they need more work. It is very easy to get into the mindset where you feel like you have to retouch every single, tiny, little speck on the print that only you will notice. You'll spend an hour spotting a print that only needed five minutes worth of work. Forcing yourself to take breaks stops that "fix every little thing" mindset and makes you work at a more relaxed pace.