I agree, but the formula for the bleach is apparently a closely guarded secret.

I have mixed up bleaches that work just fine for things I coat myself, and that worked on the old DB material sold as Cibachrome way back when. All I can tell you is that most all published formulas will bleach, but many do so with changes in color balance or contrast. Additional problems include the fact that they leave some silver behind and thus need an extra conventional bleach before fixing.

I know most of the ingredients, but if you go here: http://www.freestylephoto.biz/pdf/ms...0_BLEACH-C.PDF as is typical of their publications, they only give Sulfamic Acid as the "ingredient". And here: http://www.freestylephoto.biz/pdf/ms...0_BLEACH-A.PDF they are totally cryptic about the catalyst that does the work.

There is some work here on APUG that gives the correct name for the catalyst. I have had reasonable results with Phenazine. The Nitrobenzene Sulfonic acid is needed to give the correct contrast.