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Yes, I said myself that if it were the film I'd expect the forums to be deluged, and they're not, so I expect it is me or the developer.

But I am still hard pressed to understand how, if it were insufficient volume of developer in the tank causing the problem, why it is on both edges, and not just on one edge - the one at the top of the tank?

Or am I just being dim here ?
Beyond that I am in the dark, as I said, I use a lot of Fomapan, it is my main go to film, I love the stuff, although I stick to the 400, I have yet to have QC problems with either 120 or 35mm, I believe there were some problems with the 200 when they re introudced it after they were forced to re formulate it, but it was in the fo, nothing rm of pin holes and scratches, nothing like your have, lets hope that Foma can help.