Jeff makes a good point, although I would approach it from a slightly different direction. Many of the things that are done in Photoshop were first done in the darkroom: adjusting exposure and contrast, local dodging and burning. Since the other members are digital people they will understand those ideas, and your job is to do is explain how each is done in the darkroom.

Part of what attracted me to and keeps me working in the darkroom are the sensations. Quieter, darker, warmer, cozy red light, even the smells. I slow down in the darkroom. In my former career I was expected to use the left side of my brain and not try to be too creative. I used the computer all day, every day. So if I were making this talk I would spend some time explaining how different being in the darkroom was (and still is) from the rest of my life. It is a creative compartment that does not exist elsewhere (except, perhaps, under the dark cloth...)

And I would also spend some time discussing the differences between digital imagemaking and darkroom printing, while at the same time making it clear that I do not think one is superior to the other. They are just different. At least they are to me, anyway.