I'm very reluctantly selling my Sinar Copal Shutter plus a Symmar 240mm (I need the cash).
I'm also selling three Sinar Auto Cables (that go between the shutter and the back of the camera for automatic stop down of the shutter)

I live in Denmark

These items used to belong to a professional photographer here in Denmark, I bought them from him as a kit with my Sinar Norma.

First of. Here are a link to pictures of everything I'm selling:


The Copal shutter is working accurately with some "buts". All speeds from 1 second and shorter are very accurate. 2 seconds is about 1/3 stop too fast and 3 seconds to 8 seconds is about 1/3 stop too slow.
When you open the shutter (pushing the red button on the side of the shutter) the shutter blades don't open up completely by themselves (see photos) you can push the red lever down manually to get it the last 5 percent open (or just leave it as is, since you wont notice it with 99% percent of the lenses you use).
If you plan to use DB lenses, the db function does work, but the DB function makes a cough like sound (needs a CLA).
From the pictures there is what appears to be oil on the shutter blades, upon closer inspection it looks more like wear.
From the pictures you can also see that the plastic window surrounding the F stop scale has a slight dent to it.
A sinar cable release is included.
All in all a good working shutter that can be used as is but needs a CLA to get it up to 100 %.
I would like 175 pounds plus shipping for this.

Next up is the 240mm f5.6 Symmar (see pictures of these in the link further up)

It has some haze inside of it, but no fungus. It also has had a dent in the front and the rear (you can't use filters with it).

I can't see any scratches.
I've used it quite a bit, and although the haze must have an impact of one kind or another, my negatives have been very sharp, and more than contrasty enough for my tastes.
I'm selling this for 40 pounds plus shipping.

Last but not least are three Sinar Auto Cables. These go between the Sinar Copal shutter and the Groundglass back so when you insert a film holder the shutter automatically closes (great for when you are in a hurry).
I'm selling the newer one (the black rubber one) for 40 pounds (they are quite expensive new).
I'm selling the two older ones together for 30 pounds (there's only one plunger to attach to the groundglass back and the cable without the plunger is a little bent, the other cable is working perfectly).

All prices are without shipping.
I will only ship with tracking it's safer for everybody.
I take paypal only. Payment as gift or add 3% to the final price to help cover the fees.
I ship worldwide.
I've sold a few things before on this site, and a ton of things on ebay with 100% positive feedback (username: mads_hartmann)