Ok, I got my densitometer readings back.

Film base value reading was 34

In both the incremental readings f 5.6 gave a value of 43

With my camera lens set on infinity, my in camera meter indicated that to capture the gray card I should use a shutter speed of 125 and an f stop of 2.8.

So that means, if I understand all this, that in order to get a Zone 1 I need only close down my aperture to f 5.6 rather than to f 11.

That being said what would I change my ASA setting to on my camera? I have the option of two dots between ASA numbers i.e. 100, dot, dot, 200. So the space between numbers is divided into thirds.

I presently have my ASA set at the first dot over 100 for FP4 which is 125 film meaning that I am exposing for a little less time than would be absolutely correct.

Whew, how I hope all that is correct! Now if I shoot a roll with several frames at Zone VIII and the rest at Zone 0 to Zone 10 I will find out if my film development time should be more or less because my Zone VIII reading should be 1.2.

If I can get modification advice on my ASA adjustment I can still, maybe, have time to shoot the Zone VIII test today—my store support being closed tomorrow. I would love that but I understand it is Friday afternoon so don’t worry at all anyone if you don’t have time to reply to my little problem right away you have all been great!