You may not want this Bronica ETRSi 645 kit, but I do have it for trade:

Bronica ETRSi medium-format film SLR body
Zenzanon-PE 75mm f/2.8 lens
AE-II Finder E (prism metered finder with viewing screen, automatic or manual exposure, and hot shoe)
Non-motorized grip/winder
+0.5 diopter eye correction lens
120 film back with dark slide
220 film back with dark slide
Assorted caps

Minor condition issues: film advance crank is missing (still you can turn it by hand), and so is the rubber eyecup on the prism finder. Viewing screen is scratched and scarred from previous heavy use, but still useable. Still, everything is in full working order, and the camera takes beautiful pictures. Pics on request.