I am shocked you got it for $25, I would think $125 would be more on par, so you got a deal there.

AE-1 was my first camera (the non-program one) and I still have it, still works great, never needed a CLA even.

The foam on the mirror can dry out like many old cameras, that's the only caution I can give, make sure the foam isn't flaking or it will potentially get black spots on the film.

The SCS lenses are specially coated and supposed to be better (for back then) than non-coated.

I love the 50mm, the old idea was to learn on a 50mm and then once you understood and perfected that size, THEN move to others.

My favorite memory was going to the zoo and shooting a lion, the fence was in they way and I complained to my dad I couldn't get a good image with the animal "behind bars" so my dad showed me how to open the aperture all the way and "bend the light" around the fence and make it invisible to get a nice lion shot. I was hooked ever since.

I never used it on auto, always manual even in the beginning, it's pretty simple since the needle inside tells you exactly what aperture number to choose and the meter is fairly accurate.

One caution is be VERY careful with the battery door, when opening it, be gentile, they are well known for breaking and can't be replaced.

That's really the only issue

If you don't like that 28mm I'll take it


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