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Take it a little easy... it's not easy to run a business AND maintain a web page...
I am a bit of a tech savy photog.. but web page issues are at the bottom of my list.
I bow to your tolerance. How difficult is it to say on a website that customers shouldn't send in cameras for repair, given the problems that so doing creates issue for both the customer and the company. A small local society of which I am a member was able inform its members that a meeting was cancelled with about 24 hours notice. The website notice was handled by a relatively inexperienced volunteer. Is it any different to Amazon accepting business via its website and not being able deliver?

I appreciate that sometimes a small company selling many lines has difficulty in maintaining the exact stock position on every line but if your business is repairing cameras then after several months since Hurricane Sandy a simple message to the effect that you cannot accept repair until further notice should be possible, shouldn't it?