Hi the.ronin,

Welcome to APUG. I am sure you will get plenty good advice.

Meters either measure reflected light (some measure small spot) or light falling on the scene (incident). It is easier to get a correct light meter reading with incident meters. But spotmeters give you more information to study (and possibly mis-interpret). I generally do not feel confident when metering with an averaging reflected light meter.

Yes, use black and white or color film. Here the choice is all yours.

Developing, I'd recommend stainless steel tank that can hold two reels. Everyone raves about "Hewes" reels, so look for a pair of those. Black and white developing seems easy to me. I find color complicated, but have heard it is very easy these days.

Scanning, While I don't pass judgment on people who choose to scan (aside from going "ick"), talking about it here is expressly discouraged. APUG is special because it remains a place where discussions are geared towards using Analog processes all the way to print. You will find this part of your discussions are encouraged at sister site DPUG, just a click away from APUG.

Bag, I just carry large cameras in a backpack, or when shooting - in the crook of my elbow.