So I developed my first roll (Ultramax 400) in Kodak Flexicolor SM chemistry…using those weird F1 and F2 processing units. To my surprise: images came out without too many noticeable problems. I inspected the negatives for streaks and ripples, scanned a few images to get used to the workflow, but honestly I can't tell if I did a good job or not.

Why? I have to edit these pictures a bit to get them usable. I end up: reversing colors (of course), doing a curves adjustment to set black point (because the film base is so dark/orange), setting white balance, setting levels. How would I know if I were having color shifts? What are some problems I should keep an eye out for?

Here's a sample from the roll. Let me know what you guys think. (:

By the way: I got a lot of help from you guys, so thanks a lot!