I have a Graphic View 4x5. I've shot it using studio strobes in the past. Not many times, but I have. I use pocket wizards to fire the strobes via the two post on the lens, using alligator clips cabled to my PW.

I shot a girl the other day in the studio with it, and developed the film today. Just blank pieces of film came out.

I don't think there is a polarity thing with regard to those two post on the lens, because I can switch the alligator clips and the strobes still fire. I know for a fact, I did take the dark slide out on both shots.

The shutter has a switch that goes from Fx, M, M. One of the M's is red. That's the one I used. Was it the wrong one?

What are those 4 settings for anyway? I can't tell you what shutter / lens I have, since I'm home right now. Was more curious than anything.

Any info you can shed on this, will be greatly appreciated.