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Just as a matter of interest what could the unfiltered print be compared to grade-wise and what was the paper? If I recall correctly Ilford says that its VC paper unfiltered corresponds to grade 2
I went into the darkroom just now and turned on my enlarger and guess what I noticed? The stupid negative is on Ilford's XP2 (C41)film. The resulting negative isn't black and white, but BROWN and white. I feel very silly and you (and anyone else) are welcome to come over and kick me in the ass, as it should have been obvious to me that brown negatives are going to require a different approach. I didn't realize it last night as I'd been under the red lights a long time and I guess I went a little color blind.

But for reference, the unfiltered print is lower in contrast and very dark. I am using Arista's RC and FB papers, as they seem to need almost identical exposures as each other. I'll look through the forums for how to best print C41 "B+W" negatives but I will also make the test print grid as Martin suggested. I think it will do me a lot of good.