I've recently been asked to submit either an artist resume or statement for a show. I've seen some pretty, um, interesting artist statements and I think I might be able to write something that doesn't sound too inane, hokey, or whatever (though I doubt anyone really wants to read them). But how do you write a resume? I found this - http://www.collegeart.org/guidelines/resume - but it assumes you've gone to school for art. If you have a degree in something else, should you still put it on it? What about classes you took at museum schools (fairly small ones) with maybe 5 different instructors over the years and you can't remember all of them? If you took photo I and II back in undergrad (cough, 25 years ago cough cough) and it was with a "known" photographer, should you put that even as long ago as it was?
My forensics-related resume basically only has been used to give lawyers an idea of my experience before I testified and it was pretty easy to write. It has the facts, just the facts. Every class the MSP sent me to and what my job duties were. Format has changed over the years, but that's about it.
So how different is an artist resume?