Thank you everyone for your very insightful feedback!

Bill, yes, of what I've researched, I plan to stick to BW because of what some claim is a more involved, bigger error margin process to develop color. Also, I apologize, I should've known better than to bring up scanning in an analog forum. Thank you for the heads up on the tank - I had a single reel tank on my checklist.

one90guy, this is not the first that the Sekonic was recommended. Specifically the 608 and 208 as you also recommended. Thank you for your confirmation on this.

Too old, you may be the first I've come across to say that color developing is not too hard in comparison to BW. I've actually not done much more research into color developing once I came across what I had thought until now was a unanimous claim that color was too involved. I will be looking into this for sure. Thanks for responding to the scanner question as well. Your statement about shooting digital rather than scanning is something I've struggled with in this decision to jump into film. I am going ahead with a scanner (partly due to affordability and equally due to my impatience in waiting for the photo lab). It could very well be that I end up in the same place as you.

eddie, I'm sorry about the auction. I say that because I was in your shoes for at least 3 prior auctions on similar MF film cameras. For what it's worth, and if you were the one I got into a bidding war with during the last seconds, you drove me well past my (read: wife's) budget LOL! Although I will likely go with a meter, I definitely need to read up on the Sunny 16 rule.

Thanks again everyone and apologies for introducing digital post development into my first post. And along the same vein, I'd love to share my photos but they are all digital. I will most definitely share my MF photos once I am comfortable ... just ignore the likelihood that it was digitally scanned please.

P.S. Just got confirmation from the seller that he had shipped the GSW690II and I should get it in less than 10 days rather than a month. So stoked.