Nice score on the camera, I have the exact same model. I got mine from nobbysparrow in the past and he is a fast shipper and packs the items well for the trip from japan. There seems to be tons of these cameras these last few months popping up, I remember a little while ago the GSW cameras were much rarer and did not go for under $600, now ive seen them plummet as the market is flooded with them. Maybe its an increase because of the demand for them, as popularity for them has spiked.

First things first, get the manual for the camera, its a short read. Learn the camera functions when you get it. Learn how to load film correctly in this camera, and you have to remember to tension it when first advancing or you will end up with a loose roll and have light leaks on the edges of the film. Get a good book on the basics of Black and white, I recommend Horenstien's basic black and white photography. Relearn the concepts of DOF with this camera as with the format size increase to 6x9 the dof is different than with the two crop digitals you are used to. Shoot lots. Have fun.