Congratulations on your recent winning auction bid. I purchased one (GW690 I) and it arrived the day before Christmas! For light meter suggestions, you might also want to consider a Sekonic L398. I bought one of these on the bay about 3 years ago for about $75. Although it's primarily incident, it does have accessories for reflected measurement. The beauty of this is that no batteries are required--works on sunlight hitting the photocell. It's not very good for low light levels, but if your shooting primarily in daylight or room light, it will do pretty well and give you an education in metering. Regarding film, suggest you stick to one brand --Trix X, TMX, or HP5 are all excellent. Since I shoot primarily medium format for it's quality and tonality, I stick with ISO 100 films. Stick to 1 developer for the time being. I use Kodak HC-110 diluted 1:31. Lasts forever, inexpensive, one shot (no replenishment or worry about contamination) and works well with most films I've tried. I'm probably in the minority on this, judging from previous posts, but I've standardized on stainless steel tanks and reels. The learning curve on loading your film onto the reels is a bit rough but after you master it, it becomes second nature. Plus the tanks and reels will probably outlast you (mine have been around for over 40 years). Scanning--go on to As mentioned previously Apug's focus is on analog processes, although I have converted to scanning for my work due to time and space considerations. Finally, how to carry this equipment? Bring the camera with you and just go to different places in your area and see what fits--kind of like trying on a pair of shoes. Eventually you'll find one that fits. Best of luck with your new toy.