I can't really say that I favor one over the other. I've found it easy to use most cameras, although I have specific thoughts about certain cameras:

- Pentax MX: My second "real" camera, which I bought back in 1978. I sometimes think the body is almost too small. And the shutter speed dial is too tightly sprung.

- Minolta XD-11: I really lusted after this camera in the 1970s, and bought one about two years ago. I must say that this is an excellent camera, and I love the light touch of the shutter release.

- Leica M6: For me, the body was a bit too large, and the release point for the shutter was too deep. A "soft" release took care of that problem. Otherwise, a very well-made and solid camera. Deserving of its accolades.

- Leica IIIf: Lovely svelte body with excellent workmanship. Too fiddly as a user. From loading the film to a shutter speed dial that spins and dual viewfinders.

- Alpa 9e: Quirky from its backward film advance to the front mounted shutter release. But that Macro-Switar lens is unbelievably good.

- Contax I: A box with great lenses. The earliest model is not enjoyable to use. A bit crude. The later Contax I models were much improved, thanks to Hubert Nerwin.

- Tenax II: Man, love this camera. Square format. Trigger film advance. Excellent Sonnar lens.

- Contax 139: Love the feel of the camera and its release. The shutter and mirror are a bit noisier than they should be.

- Contaflex I: Great little fixed-lens camera that is often overlooked. It's old school: No instant mirror return and just one lens: A sharp f/2.8 45mm Tessar.

- Exakta: I've tried this, but I just can't adapt to the ergonomics. I can never find a comfortable way to hold the camera.

- Olympus OM-1: Despite a small body, feels good in the hands. You have to get used to the shutter speed dial at the base of the lens and the aperture dial at the very front.

- Olympus Pen F: Olympus did a great job with this camera. A side-swinging mirror and a nicely designed body make this the best of the half-frame offerings.

- Voigtlander Prominent: I really wanted to like this camera, but I can't. It's vastly overpriced. Focus by (a tightly sprung) knob, an eyepiece that is placed just precisely so you poke yourself in the eye when focusing. And an overly heavy body. I have the Ultron lens, which is a stellar performer. Oddly enough, the Vito III is a much better folding version of this Prominent, and for some reason is much easier to use. At least for me.

And that's about it for now.