I have everything but the valve oil (which I used to have - played cornet in the school band. That was another lifetime ago though...)

My screwdrivers are a set with the replaceable tips and handle set. I just re-foamed the camera & backs and they were priceless to get the back apart (and do the zen-like glue removal on the dark slide spring). My local ace sells those small sizes if I need another.

Can you post the steps on this thread (or a new one)? Between old cameras, old guitars, and recording gear, I can't tell you how many killer threads that are now years old end with a "PM me for the repair/adjustment details" followed by a "PM Sent". It would be great if future searchers could find a concise explanation.

Ready for surgery - I even have a nurse's uniform for my wife! (Honestly, I do, come to think of it... there's a box of music video props in the closet...)