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Neon light has a pretty narrow and spiky spectrum so it's basically impossible to tell from that shot if your process is OK because the green- and blue-sensitive dyes were probably not exposed at all. You certainly couldn't tell if there was crossover or anything subtle like that.
I honestly didn't post that image as an example—I was just proud of it.

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If you want to evaluate whether your process is working, you need a range of identifiable colours in the test scene and a fairly full range of greys from very-dark to nearly-white. The usual answer is a Gretag-Macbeth chart, or you can just use your hand (for skintones) and a handful of primary-coloured and white plastic things. I went with my hand, a blue plastic bottle, can of coke and a box of HP5+ to get the primary colours, range of greys and skintones. Light it with a flash if you have one, otherwise direct sunlight.
I think I'll go the route you did, or just look through the roll for better test shots. I had a picture of different fruits that I wanted to post, but I scanned it at such a low resolution by accident. Whoops. I think I'll post it anyway. Here goes:

While we're talking…I have to say that your FAQ has been a huge help over the last year, so thanks a lot.