If I'm allowed another one..or two...then I'd pick

Minolta 7000 - it was the first "Real" AF slr, where everything came together in one package. Focus motor was in the body, so were the wind and rewind motors. AF worked well, even if it was a bit slow..

EOS 630. One of Canon's first "pro" AF body, and really nice. I bought one a year ago for aorund $30, and fell in love with it. The AF is fast, it feels great in my hands. Plus it has a film in it!
I've never owned a OM 1 or OM 2, but appreciate them. Same goes for the Pentax K1000 and Spotmatic. The great thing now is that we can afford to buy a camera we've always wanted to play with because they are so affordable....so I just bought a Praktina outfit because I love the idea of an interchangable spring wind motor, and couldn't refuse if for the price....

Actually - same goes for the Topcon I bought with motor drive and 2 lenses..the 50mm has fungus in it, but the motor drive works. I mean - for $55 what could I expect?