The Canon T90 is my favorite camera. It was a snap to learn and felt so good in the hand. If the shutter sticks (and they do after nearly 30 years) just whack it on the ground.

Next up are the Contax RTS III and the Contax RX, both incredibly well-designed and sexy cameras. My favorite feature is the AE Lock switch which enables manual exposure control with the ease of auto exposure.

Several EOS bodies come next, such as the RT, Elan 7NE and 1V. All great for different reasons.

I also have a fondness for the rock-like solidness of the Canon F-1 series, and the incredibly smooth response I get from the XD-11.

The Fuji Discovery 3000 is an odd duck, a P&S bridge camera made of plastic. Its quirky looks and excellent lens make it a favorite.