Hi friends,

Was fortunate enough to be present in Mall of America in Minneapolis to witness the ice castle created there. Got a few shots out of which the most favorite three are mentioned below.

Photos have been taken with Bronica SQ-Ai with 80mm f2.8 lens and Kodak Ektar 100 and developed and scanned by the awesome thedarkroom.com guys..

All I could say is wish my pictures could do even a little justice to the beauty of the castle ..
BTW, this is my first post showing my pictures in APUG.com and i am thrilled to display them...

Painting with light and snow by abhishekdg, on Flickr

Snow amidst light by abhishekdg, on Flickr

Brush strokes with light and snow by abhishekdg, on Flickr

Ends with a picture outside my window

Pastel colours by abhishekdg, on Flickr