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You can lie with toning but it's hard; you can lie trivially with framing and composition.

It is possible to name a never-ending list of selective journalism that greatly skewed the public perception of reality. It happens with every war, with every scandal, with every natural or man-made disaster. By not photographing some aspects of reality, or not writing about them, the journalist is already telling a half-truth. As we know, half-truths are sometimes more dangerous than lies. Because it is impossible or at the very least impractical to cover all of reality, one must conclude that basing your opinion on photojournalistic reportage is akin to fitting a continuous curve on a number of dots and interpolating between the dots to fill in the rest of reality. I see no reason to glorify photojournalism and to elevate it to a higher credibility than the rest of journalistic media. It is what it is: Selective and flawed, but without which the world would be poorer and man's quest for power and wealth would not be held accountable.