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As said "-chrome" was also used for spectrally sensitized b&w films.
And "-color" was used for transparency films starting with additive materials, over the first modern substantive transparency film "Agfacolor-new" to further films.

This may be of no relevance to most of the Lomo clientele, but should be corrected here for historical reasons.
I'm old enough to remember when almost every major manufacturer had a black & white ortho film (non-red sensitive) as their low price offering, usually only in rollfilm sizes, so there was Kodak Verichrome, Ilford Selochrome, Ensign Ultrachrome and many many others. Then at some point Kodak changed their Verichrome emulsion to a pan one and added the Pan to the Verichrome. It was at that point that most surviving manufacturers dropped their ortho rollfilms.