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Personally I'm not too bothered about this particular film but I am glad to see any new film being made. I'm more excited that a company as dynamic as Lomography is now producing its own film. If anyone is going to be bringing out new slide films it will be Lomography. Admittedly the focus will probably be on cross processing them but watch this space for new E6 film.

I only hope is that if they develop a new emulsion, they make one which gives good results when processed in E6 and not just for giving pleasing results in C41. I also hope that they pay some attention to quality control.

I might also speculate that you will get a C41 film with strong saturated colours and high contrast that might work for landscapes.

I wonder where they are making this film?
Lomograph recently did bring out a new E6 slide film but for the 110 size. Intended primarily for cross-processing in C41, it can be used as a conventional slide film. I haven't bought any and have no idea who made it.