My 35 mm Iso 400 default film is Delta 400 and I use it between EI 200 and 800. I developed it in Perceptol, Xtol, ID11, DDX, Nucleol and Gradual.

Lately I have seen I can find Neopan 400 at a more convenient price (-20%) than Delta.

I couldn't find so many informations for Neopan as for Delta, so I'd like to know if someone already made a comparation of these 2 films or if there is any web site reporting about their differences.

In particular, how they compare about grain, sharpness, shadow details @400 and tonal rendition with various developers ?

I also found this article by G.Crawley
he found out slight diffrences between the most popular Iso 400 films.
Do you agree with his conclusions ?

I talked to a guy here, who switched from Neopan 400, despite of the convenience, because he found it had an inherently high contrast and he had to expose it @200 for having decent shadow details.
What do U think about that ? Is he correct ?

Any hint or trick by experts about Neopan 400 ?

Thanx a lot in advance.