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But for reference, the unfiltered print is lower in contrast and very dark. I'll look through the forums for how to best print C41 "B+W" negatives but I will also make the test print grid as Martin suggested. I think it will do me a lot of good.
Thanks for the response. If the print is overall very dark then I wouldn't expect the use of filters to correct that. They will increase contrast and that way appear to brighten the highlights compared to the midtones and shadows so yes parts of the print will look brighter but you need to look at overall exposure as well. If a low contrast but "too dark" print has its contrast raised but at an exposure that simply equates to the "too dark "exposure on the low contrast print then it will still be too dark.

I might be stating what is obvious to you but a sparkling print is a combination of the right exposure for the highlights with a right exposure for the shadows so the details can be seen. I agree the exercise of printing at all the grades is very educational